Easter Bunny Cake

This adorable bunny cake will be a real show stopper this Easter!



555g Green’s Vanilla Bean Supreme Cake Mix
630g Green’s Chocolate Supreme Cake Mix
340g Mixed Colour Chocolate Buttons
320g Musk Sticks
150g Marshmallows
300g Traditional Soft Liquorice


1. Prepare both cakes as per back of pack instructions. Allow to cool before assembling.

2. On a large serving tray, placeone full cake in the middle
to form the Bunny’s head. Cut other cake as shown below to form the Bunny’sears and bowtie.

3. Prepare the Supreme Vanilla Bean Icing mix as per back of pack instructions. Spread (or pipe) icing over the face and ears area.

4. Prepare the Supreme Chocolate Icing mix as per back of pack instructions and spread over the bowtie area.

5. Decorate the Bunny using Liquorice for the eyes and mouth, Marshmallows for the nose, Musk Sticks for the whiskers, and Mixed Colour Chocolate Buttons for the ears and bowtie.

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